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Baby Daddy has finished it’s run for the moment so I thought it was a great time to get these up. As you know Christa appeared as Robyn in 3 episodes of Season 4, and I’ve got the HD captures from it. I’m still working on finding stills from her episodes but enjoy these in the meantime:

ABC hasn’t done any of its renewals yet so we don’t know if Baby Daddy will return, but if it does I hope we get to see Robyn again! She and Danny are really cute together.

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As you all know, Christa recently joined the cast of Baby Daddy and while I wasn’t sure when her first episode was going to air – I know now!

Christa’s first episode is February 25 at 8:30PM ET/PT and ABC Family has released a press release for the episode:

In “An Officer and a Gentle Ben,” it’s Fleet Week and Bonnie is getting ready to meet up with her yearly fling, Captain Hudson (Isaiah Mustafa). But when the Captain proposes, Bonnie panics and thinks the best way to discourage the Captain is by pretending she’s in love with Tucker. Ben and Riley try to define their relationship, but they keep getting their signals crossed. In an effort to move on, Ben and Tucker pose as sailors and manage to get aboard the Navy ship. But when Captain Hudson comes looking for Tucker, their real identities as civilians are quickly exposed. Meanwhile, Riley’s co-worker Robyn (Christa B. Allen) is impressed with Danny and asks Riley to set them up. But when Robyn and Danny hit it off, will Riley recognize what her best friend really means to her?

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So I actually posted these photos in the gallery back on the 22nd, but completely forgot to make a front page post about it. Sorry about that!

Christa attended the Nasty Gal Melrose Launch last week, and I’ve got 13 HQ photos from the event:

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Today is Christa’s 23rd birthday! I want to take this time to celebrate it with all of you, from far and wide and all ages. Christa’s been a wonderful light and inspiration to many lives, myself included, and I know many of you fans feel the same. She’s got a lot of things coming up in this new year and we can’t wait to see what they are. Christa is incredibly sweet and supportive and I can’t thank her enough for all that she does. I hope she has the happiest of birthday’s and another amazing year.


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Sunday’s Revenge ended with Christa B. Allen‘s Charlotte (temporarily) leaving the Hamptons to get the help she so desperately needs — but is “help” really code for “ABC Family”?

Allen has landed a recurring role in the upcoming fourth season of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy, TVLine has learned exclusively, playing a corporate lawyer who works with Riley (Chelsea Kane). Described as funny, smart and athletic, Allen’s Robyn immediately hits it off with Danny (Derek Theler) after Riley “begrudgingly” sets the two up on a date.

Baby Daddy fans, take note: If Riley is setting Danny up with Robyn, does that mean she’ll be sticking with Ben, after all? Or is Robyn merely another obstacle on the road to Danny and Riley’s happily-ever-after?

We’ll find out when Allen’s Baby Daddy episodes air in early 2015.


Congrats to Christa on her new gig, we can’t wait to see it and to see her return to the Hamptons with what I’m sure will be a brand new Charlotte.

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Check out Christa B. Allen in her brand new short film They Grow Up, provided to for an exclusive online premiere.

The film was directed by Emma Holly Jones and had it’s world premiere at the LA Shorts Fest over the summer.

They Grow Up is about two childhood friends who navigate the dangers of growing up with their imaginary friends.

Watch the film below and go follow everyone on Twitter – @christabrittany @emmahollyjones @JaredEng @JustJared


Christa was AMAZING in this, I know I’ve been waiting for a while ever since seeing the BTS photos from the project so I’m really glad it’s available to the public now. I’ll have screencaptures for it as soon as possible so in the mean time please enjoy the film!

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ABC has renewed Revenge for a fourth season!

This time of year is always incredibly stressful for viewers and networks alike, renewals. During the month of May all of the networks begin their annual tradition of axing, renewing and creating some of our favorite shows and every year fans sit on edge biting their nails to see if the shows they love will make the cut. While many of us weren’t worried about Revenge, it’s always nice to see it in print.

Congratulations to Christa, and the rest of the cast and crew for Revenge. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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HD screencaps of Christa in episodes 3.16-3.19 of Revenge have been added to the gallery over the past few weeks. A huge thanks to Tori for helping keep the gallery updated while I’ve been away. Enjoy the new additions and look for more updates coming soon.

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HD screencaps of Christa in episode 3.15 of Revenge have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery link:
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